Category: Web

  • Yahoo

    My role: UX Writer for Small Business department The Small Business department helps their members learn how to market their business and become more profitable through educational blog posts and summits. Before responsive was a thing, Duda (a member of Yahoo!’s small business group) helped optimize websites for mobile devices.

  • Monster

    Role: CopymonsterThe challenge: Monster was rebranding itself as a dynamic lifestyle brand and had partnered with Disney to release a limited edition set of headphones for the new TRON movie. I created the content strategy and wrote the majority of the product copy for the TRON family of products for the product packing, manuals, and […]

  • Vudu

    (Owned by Walmart) Role: Sr. Writer/Product Marketing manager A great thing about writing for Vudu was the ability to do things like stand in a room with a bunch of co-workers with wildly different accents and shout at the new Xbox One to test the Vudu app on the console. Vudu is special in that […]

  • Apple

    Under NDA My role: UX writerWhen I was at LEVEL Studios & the Rosetta agency I worked on 2 very different projects for Apple.(LEVEL Studios is a local agency with long time ties with Apple. Rosetta bought them – until LEVEL bought themselves back.) Intranets need love too– Apple’s unique tone and voice is used […]

  • Walmart

    Role: Copywriter The challenge: Walmart had a huge push to bring the site into parity with the brick and mortar experience. To that effect, all the writers had quotas they had to meet. I was recognized and given formal kudos by director and managers for meeting deadlines and exceeding quotas. I wrote tons and tons […]

  • Skype

    Skype for business website Role: WriterThe challenge: Before Microsoft bought them, Skype has developed a business focused product but needed help differentiating it from the consumer offering and explaining the different plans available. I worked with the content strategist to help with the messaging strategy and execute the vision. Emails

  • Logitech

    Role: WriterThe challenge: A global brand refresh meant writing new product communication briefs for all legacy, current, and upcoming products for packaging, sales, and web. A communication brief is extensive and includes the product positioning statement, description, website copy, international retailer/partner copy, specs, and packaging copy. I partnered with both domestic and international business units […]

  • Cisco

    Role: WriterThe challenge: Cisco asked LEVEL Studios to revamp the microsite for their “Wireless Home” marketing campaign. I designed and created the content explaining the product and benefits.

  • Bank of the West

    Role: Content Strategist/UX Lead I was the UX lead for a lot of my projects. I wrote for all channels of Digital Channels Sales, including web, mobile, service emails, and global B2B customers, and contributed to our style guide. BotW – The Mobiling The challenge: The bank did have a mobile app, but it was […]

  • Clover

    My foray into start-ups aka I can move fast, but I actually do need time to be thoughtful and strategic. Role: Content managerClover helps out small businesses make money, track inventory, provide customer loyalty programs, and customize their point of sale (PoS) systems to work with all their backend systems. As content manager I touched […]