Role: UX Writer

Cloud Identity is one of Google’s most complex projects. The Admin Console is used by thousands of business customers (IT Admins, Support agents, Resellers) to manage millions of users and devices across the world.

We have several feature teams within Cloud Identity focused on bringing ground-breaking, innovative new tools for our users and their end-users. As the UX writer working across these teams, I have a bird’s eye view of the product. This lets me create a more consistent customer experience.

The challenge: IT admins keep their company data and users safe with security policies. However, assigning the right level of security to the right person, team or resource is very nuanced and kind of a pain in the ass. If the admin doesn’t get it right, it can leave the company and users at risk.
We created a new way to manage people, devices, and resources by using Google Groups. It’s now easier to create a roster and protect the people/devices/resources on that roster with just the right security policy.

a sample of the steps an admin will take to change security settings for a group

Google Device Policy app – IT Admins use this app to help protect their company data on employee’s devices.

The challenge: Previously, the content was unclear and confused users who thought their personal info on their personal devices was at risk. It also gave too much unneeded info to users, which can be overwhelming and alarming,
I redesigned the content to be friendlier, re-assuring, more user focused.







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