Portfolio for Content Strategist – UX, Paula Ashton
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VUDU – Walmart’s Scan & Go ios app – Sign-up completed webpage

Client: VUDU

Project: This is the end of the flow for Walmart customers who used the Scan & Go app on their iPhone to purchase DVDs and Blu-rays – when they sign up for a VUDU account to receive a free, digital copy of the movie they just bought at the Walmart store. It’s a bit complex – WM customers go to the WM store, use the Scan & Go app to check out their purchases. If they bought a physical movie, they will receive a free, digital copy of that movie on VUDU. But they have to leave the app and sign up for an account via the website. For many customers, it’s their first experience with VUDU and owning digital media.

Media: Website

julius caesar, a long time ago