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Bank of the West – Mobile Site

Client: Bank of the West – Digital Sales

Project: The current Digital Sales desktop site is not responsive and we needed a better experience for potential customers who use their smartphones to shop for banking products. This project took two years from initial design and desirability testing to release.

I was the Content Strategist responsible for both the strategy & the actual work of taking the desktop content into a mobile experience. I worked directly with the IX & VX designers to design the user flows, page and module templates for the mobile site. I worked (very) closely with our Dev and QA teams along with multiple Compliance/Legal teams as well as the Stakeholders for Digital Sales.

It seems a neat trick to boil down so much work into just a few sentences. The task was a herculean effort for all involved and we brought it in early and within budget.

Media: mobile.botw.com


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