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Monster Cable Products Sales Brochure

Client: Monster Cable Products
Project: Annual Sales brochure for Monster’s retail partners. This is one section of the huge (it contains every single product Monster is selling this year) sales brochure that shows the partners how they can grow their business with Monster’s Consumer Eletronics products.

This section tells the family story for all the TRON products Monster has created in partnership with Disney.

I worked closely with the Project Manager to come up with retail partner facing positioning statement for the over-all family and utilized the existing copy I(and the other copywriters)  had written for packaging, web and print for this section of the document.

Media: printed brochure

Body Copy:

Roadshow 2011 – Tron/Disney

Monster Brings its Retail Partners the Opportunity of a Lifetime
For the December blockbuster, TRON:Legacy, Disney is investing over $150 million and Monster is the exclusive CE partner in audio, gaming and power. This launch is a far-reaching, new franchise that will excite consumers looking for imaginative and innovative products and pull them into your stores.

Put Your Holiday Season On The Grid

With a franchise that includes more movies, a TV mini-series and video games, Disney Studios is targeting their widest demographic ever. And their Tron Marketing campaign will drive a stream of excited consumers to purchase merchandise this holiday season.

Plus, Monster has the exclusive CE products from the world of Tron. Tron is the perfect vehicle for the most innovative CE products that only Monster can deliver.

Imagined by Disney, Engineered by Monster – the Most Innovative CE Products

The Tron iPod Sound Dock combines Disney design and Monster® engineering, integrated with the world’s first visualizer iPod®/iPhone® app for high definition sound. The visceral LED Light Drive-controlled effects create a total immersion in light and sound. The result is an unprecedented audio experience that captivates both music lovers and TRON fans alike that sends them into your stores.

The Tron T1 Over-ear Headphones are a harmony of TRON’s iconic design and Monster’s amazing audio. They are the ultimate in cinema, gaming and music, delivering the most amazing immersive experience in iconic unique TRON style. Sure to pull in a wide range of new customers who never would have entered your store in search of headphones previously, they’ll expand the volume and margins of your headphone business.

Tron T3 In-Ear Headphones are perfect for gaming and music on the go. From games to grooves, Monster’s out-of-this-world sound heightens Disney’s futuristic styling and the phosphorescent glow of the Tron universe. They offer customers new to CE and your store, the Monster headphone experience at a very affordable entry-level price.

Tron T1 Daft Punk Limited Edition Over-Ear Headphones are designed by Daft Punk and tuned especially for Electronic music. They come with a special Monster Headphone Surround mix of the TRON:Legacy Soundtrack, written and composed by the Daft Punk. Such highly visible co-branding among Disney, Tron, Daft Punk, and Monster means more new foot traffic at very healthy margins to whom you can cross sell a wide variety of attachments.

Monster Power® PS3 Charging Station, Tron Edition provides a swivel stand, 4 USB charging ports and surge protection and Clean Power® filtering for your gaming consumers. The Disney-Monster partnership brings high profile co-branding to a new product category for a competitive advantage you can leverage into profitable attachment sales on the whole range of TRON products.

Innovative Monster POP Seals the Deal

Once your consumers see the Tron Headphone in-store demo display that shows the unique light features of the T1 and Daft Punk headphones, they won’t be able to resist these exclusive visual and sonic experiences bound to boost your volume and margins.

The Tron iPod Dock pedestal magnifies the iconic look of the Tron identity disc. Plus, an auto-lighting demo mode built into the disc’s rings showcases its spirited lighting effects. And Monster support is there to light your path to higher volume, higher margin sales to these new and inspired customer segments.

Shipping this Holiday Season

  • Tron iPod Audio Dock
  • Tron T1 Over-Ear Headphones
  • Tron T1 Daft Punk Limited Edition Over-Ear Headphones
  • Monster Power PS3 Charging Station with Clean Power®, Tron Edition
  • Tron T3 In-Ear Headphones

New for 2011

  • Monster Headphone Surround Sound Amplifier and Mixer, Tron Edition
  • Monster T1 Headphone and Surround Sound Gaming Kit


  • T1, T3 Daft Punk Headphone Display
  • Tron iPod Audio Dock Pedestal Display

Monster Cable Annual Brochure, Tron Section

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