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Ultimate Ears by Logitech Metro-Fi 220

Client: Logitech
Project: Creating packaging copy for Ultimate Ears Metro-Fi 220 In-ear Headphones. The packaging brief contains both positioning statements and sample ad copy for retail partners as well as consumer information.

The original “story” was created and then re-written to be showcased in 10, 25, 50 and 100 words along with the specs in bullet form for easy reading.

Media: Packaging

Headline: “More than a pretty package—MetroFi 220 earphones give you sleek sound clarity.”

Body Copy: “You expect more from your earphones, style as well as crisp sound. More than just a pretty package—MetroFi 220 earphones give you clarity, smooth range and a clean thump in a sleek design.

Listen to your very own personal soundtrack as you commute, run errands, or do whatever it is that makes you “you”. The MetroFi 220s keep you in touch with the world around you while letting you hear your music clearly. The titanium-coated speaker delivers deep bass and clear treble, giving you seriously clear sound that doesn’t need to blast your ears in order to hear every note, or every car horn. The comfortable, compact design sits securely in your ears while you go about your day.

And with a pocket-size carrying case, the 220s can go with you everywhere even when you’re not wearing them.”

Ultimate Ears by Logitech Metro-Fi 220 Packaging Brief

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