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Monster Cable Products TRON T1 Headphones

Client: Monster Cable Products
Project: Creating packaging copy for the Tron T1 Over-ear Headphones. Monster Cable is Disney’s only Consumer Electronics partner  for the release of the Dec 2010 movie, TRON:Legacy. Monster wanted to capture the imagination of old and new Tron fans.
Media: Packaging for US and Europe

Headline: “The Ultimate Tron-Experience Headphone. High Definition Sound for Cinema, Gaming and Music.”

Body Copy: “Disney had the vision. Monster had the way.
This union of creativity and technology has brought the magic of the big screen to the everyday world. The Tron T1™ Headphone is a testament to Monster engineering—a marvel of sound and lighting innovation. The celebrated Tron brand was placed in the most capable hands. And Monster responded by forever changing the way you hear music, play games and experience movies.”

T1™ – The Ultimate Tron-Experience Headphone

Whether you grew up with the movie or are new to the Tron world, the T1 brings together the imaginative designs of Disney and the state-of-the-art engineering of Monster® to create The Ultimate Tron-Experience Headphone.

As the first high-performance, over-ear headphones to integrate Monster’s LED Light Drive system, the T1 faithfully captures the cool visual aesthetics of the Tron world and brings it right to you. Welcome to The Grid.

  1. Monster LED Light Drive System provides a perfect reproduction of the Tron lighting effects
  2. Advanced driver design delivers ultra clear mids and highs, and deep thunderous bass
  3. New advanced noise isolation earcup design blocks external sound and provides extended hours of comfortable wear

Monster Cable TRON T1 Over-ear Headphones

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