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Monster Cable Products TRON T1 Daft Punk Headphones

Client: Monster Cable Products

Project: Creating a coherent, cross-platform advertising campaign that encompasses packaging, print, web and manuals for the TRON family of consumer electronics. I will showcase the T1 DaftPunk Limited Edition Over-ear Headphones for this section.

Once the voice and message was “baked”  (throwing some Monster Lingo at you) the challenge was to present the info across multiple platforms.

This specific headphone is created for Tron and Daft Punk fans. Its drivers are specially tuned for electronic music. In fact, Monster Cable created a special surround sound edition of the soundtrack that is packaged with the headphones.

Media: Packaging, Print, and Web (Monster.com and Tronbymonster.com)

Part 1: Packaging for TronT1 Daft Punk, US and international editions. I was excited to write the packaging for this unique headphone. For the international edition I had to edit the copy down by a third to showcase just the most essential copy, which was then translated into two other languages.

Part 2: Monster website and TronbyMonster Microsite.  The regular Monster site contains web copy with bullets and SEO terms.

The dynamic microsite was designed to attract and keep Tron fans coming back.  It showcases the entire family of Monster’s Tron themed products. It contains copy, manuals, wallpaper art, a flash game and videos with voice-over. I worked closely with the Web Dev team to organize the project, write and edit copy for all the pages as well as the script for the video.

Part 3: Printed manuals. Each manual contains product information and a letter that gets approved and signed by the Head Monster, Noel Lee. These are available in print (and pdf form). I wrote the letter and worked closely with the lead engineer and Project Manager to ensure the manual was accurate.

Part 4: Point of Purchase (aka POP) sales collateral that includes museum cards that go in front of the demo product in the retail store. I worked with the Project Manager to decide on the messaging.

Part 5: The CD booklet insert for the Daft Punk soundtrack. A special surround sound edition of the TRON:Legacy soundtrack was created to be sold separately and bundled with the TRON T1 Daft Punk Limited Edition Headphones. With only a short statement from Daft Punk and a single photo I had to tell the story how this edition was created.

Part 6: Annual Sales brochure for Monster’s retail partners. This sales document is aimed at showing the partners how they can grow their business with Monster’s Consumer Electronics products. I worked closely with the Project Manager to create the positioning for the Tron section of the brochure.

Monster Cable TRON T1 Daft Punk Manual

Monster Cable TRON POP Museum Cards

Monster Cable Annual Sales Brochure – TRON Section

Monster Cable TRON Microsite - Video with Audio

Monster Cable TRON Microsite - Wallpaper Page

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